“As an employer, USS is committed to attracting, growing and engaging with talented people from diverse backgrounds, at all levels.”
Kevin Purcell
Chief HR Officer
‘Laura’s background and experience has brought a fresh perspective to the Asset Management team … I recommend others think about looking at hiring via The Return Hub.’ USS
Laura Hill
Associate Credit Manager, Private Markets, Asset Management
‘With 20 years’ experience in top tier banks, an MBA from INSEAD and degrees in economics and international relations, Lina’s CV immediately stood out.’ Philip Edwards, USS.
Senior Researcher, Manager Selection
“We have longstanding family friendly, flexible policies in place to support employee lifestyles and encourage an inclusive culture”
Sam O’Neil
Deputy Head of HR, Europe and Americas, Westpac
“I knew I had the skills and the knowledge and therefore I felt like I could come in and make a real difference”
Aki Sandu
Director, eSales, Westpac
“As a husband and a father I understand the need for flexibility in the workplace and at Westpac we’ve been able to support this in a way that works for both the company and the employee.”
Andrew Martin
Regional Head UK, Head of FM E&A, Westpac
“This demonstrates what can be achieved with a deliberate approach to finding gender diverse talent.”
Antje Hensel-Roth
Executive Board Director, ICG
“At Westpac I’ve been given the space to innovate and produce results in the way that best suits my team and my family.”
Bethany Wingrove
Financial Markets
“We put recruitment at the heart of our strategy with support from the business, HR, L&D and marketing.”
Gill Freeman-Smith
Head of HR Business Partnering, ICG
“The Return Hub were really supportive with my return to financial services following a seven-year break.”
Hannah Wilcock
Product Specialist at Intermediate Capital Group
“The Return Hub were really supportive with my return to financial services following a seven-year break.”
Norah Prida Bay
Head of Client Experience at Jupiter Asset Management
“Following a long career in Financial Services and a period of contracting throughout maternity leave, I was at a cross-roads.”
Karen Tierney
Chief Product Officer, Alpima
“The Return Hub provided me with a platform to obtain a role commensurate with my ability and potential.”
Lizelle Vaughan
Director – Digital and Data, Global Markets at HSBC
“If you are currently in financial services or are looking for opportunities to re-enter a career in FS, I would urge you to register with The Return Hub.”
Natalie Murray
Director, Enterprise Risk Management, TD Securities
“The opportunity and career development was too good to overlook.”
Emer Gallagher
Director, Corporate and Investment Banking – Relationship Coverage, Dublin
“I like the fact that they respected my views and did not try to force me into roles that I did not think were right for me.”
Manola Perrone
“I was looking to move my career back into the Asset Management Industry.”
Nicola Brady
Associate Director – UK Institutional and Global Sovereign EMEA Marketing
“The Return Hub actually works and it is great!”
Nicole Semaan
Senior Relationship Manager, VP, UK Europe
“They are very professional and tuned into the candidate’s requirements.”
Alison Barwell
Head of HR, Alchemy Partners
“After a 14-year career break, this role brings together all my expertise and interests in one place and I could not be happier.”
Maria Anker
Associate, The Generation Foundation
“You don’t know…, until you try, so why not give it a go?”
Hannah Wilcock
Product Specialist, Intermediate Capital Group
“Don’t dismiss the skills that you have picked up on your career break as these are transferable and valuable.”
Amy Barklam
Global Head of Business Risk, Capital Markets at HSBC
“I would recommend The Return Hub to any organisation looking to create a more diverse talent pool at the mid – senior level.”
Caren Gray
Global Head of Human Resources, Wholesale Division, Nomura
“The Return Hub helped me identify the qualities I wanted to drive.”
Clare Piper
Director Global Client Management, HSBC Global Banking and Markets
“As a leader I am responsible and passionate about embracing a diverse environment.”
Sara Palomino
Head of Front Office Interest Rates Quant, Santander
“Other recruiters had been sending me the wrong types of roles because they hadn’t really got to know me.”
Sarita Clark
Global Head of Regulatory Product, Technology, TD Securities
“Having taken career break myself, I know how important it is for employers to make a wide and varied choice of career paths accessible to everyone.”
Vicki Foster
Head of Inclusion and Diversity, St. James’s Place
“Don’t give up!….Stay positive.”
Doriana Russo
Director, Equity Research, Consumer Staples at HSBC #ReturnWell: Career break return to work
“The Return Hub asked me thought-provoking questions….and made me really think of what I had to offer.”
Ella Chalfon
MD, Sustainable Finance – Nomura
“For once, I didn’t feel like a square peg in a round hole on my job search.”
Teni Ekundare
#ReturnWell: Career break return to work
“We appreciated the positive, depth of experience in the industry and recruitment that TRH brought to the process.”
Matthew Westerman
Director, MW&L Capital Partners
“..be in an environment that you feel valued in. That in itself empowers you to achieve and be the best version of you.”
Shannon Makori
Career Pivot – Goldmans to Fintech
“The Return Hub’s passion, infection enthusiasm and determination for women returning to work is inspiring.”
Mitesh Sheth
Redington, CEO
“We were seeing the same CVs from the same industries time and time again – we wanted to break the mould.”
Emily McGuire
Aon, Partner and UK Investment People Lead
“The Return Hub suggested roles to me I wouldn’t have considered and supported me through the process.”
Geri McMahon
AON – Career Pivot
“The Return Hub was instrumental in helping ease the return to work after a third child.”
Marjorie Lyons
Redington, SVP Manager Research
“TRH are not only there for you during the recruitment process; I have been impressed with their ‘after care’ too.”
Anastasia Bikou
Alpima, MD of Sales – Return to Fintech
“The Macquarie Returner Programme is both challenging and rewarding….the support along the way was a huge benefit.”
Macquarie Returner Programme
“When I discovered TRH it felt like I had found a company which was totally on the same wavelength.”
Claire Douglas
The Return Hub – Senior Consultant
“Now I am helping to hire, I can honestly say that everyone wins when someone re-enters the workforce.”
Lee Georgs
Redington, COO – Returner turned Client
“I love my role, work with a great group of people and am enjoying being at work more than ever.”
Macquarie Returner Programme
Why gender diversity is important in meeting Macquarie’s sustainability goals.
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