Macquarie Returner Programme
“The Macquarie Returner Programme is both challenging and rewarding….the support along the way was a huge benefit.”

Nishma returned to work with the Macquarie Returner Programme. She says: “After working in Equity Derivatives for five years, I decided to take a career break in 2013 to pursue a passion of mine – setting up a street food business. By 2018, I was ready to return to the corporate world, though this was much more difficult than I had expected. Speaking to friends who had been through the same, I discovered the Macquarie Returner Programme and decided to apply. The initial stage was attending an Insight Day that allowed applicants to learn more about the programme and Macquarie itself to ensure it was a right fit for both myself and the organisation. The support I have received along the way, from attending the Insight Day, to securing a place on the programme, has been invaluable. Whilst on the programme, we continued to receive extra support as a cohort in the form of coaching sessions and networking opportunities with senior members of the firm across all divisions. These allowed us to share our concerns, increase our confidence and have open and honest discussions with executives to learn more. Along the way the messaging was clear, you really can own your career and create the opportunities and role you want. The Returner Programme is both challenging and rewarding, it is always difficult to re-join the workplace having been out for a long time but the support along the way was a huge benefit.” Find out more about how we work with Macquarie Group.