Matthew Westerman

Director, MW&L Capital Partners
“We appreciated the positive, depth of experience in the industry and recruitment that TRH brought to the process.”

The Return Hub’s excellent reputation is founded not only on the expertise and knowledge of the team but also on the quality of our pool of candidates and network.  When Matthew Westerman, director of MW&L Capital was looking to hire, he approached TRH thanks to our successful track record of placing high performing senior-level women into financial services roles. Aware that TRH attracts talent with experience of the investment banking sector, MW&L came to us to tap into that group.  They wanted to recruit someone with the energy, creativity and motivation of the sector into their smaller, but no less high-profile, organisation.  A cultural fit was important as well as someone who would be willing to adapt their skills to a role within a different area of the finance industry. At TRH, our thorough knowledge of our candidate pool and network combined with our industry experience means that, often, we can pinpoint the right candidates straight away.  This benefits the client by removing the need to sift through CVs and perform numerous rounds of interviews.  For this role, after confirming our instincts, we put forward three women with very strong CVs. The recruitment process was extremely smooth and transparent with positive engagement from all parties throughout.  The candidates were interviewed by all the partners who spent time getting to know them individually.  MW&L were keen to find the right fit for them whilst allowing the women to make sure that the role was the right opportunity for them.

“We were impressed with the way The Return Hub quickly grasped the role requirements as well as the importance of the cultural piece.  We found their approach to recruitment to be very effective and efficient, and appreciated the positive, depth of experience in the industry and recruitment that TRH brought to the process”. Matthew Westerman, Director,  MW&L Capital Partners