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Steps Following Redundancy


Being made redundant can be daunting, stressful and frustrating, but it can also be an opportunity to review your situation. 

You can use it as an opportunity to assess and really understand your transferable skills, take a step back and really consider the new paths that are open to you.

There are employers that are actively looking to hire people with diverse skills, qualifications and experience. Such employers are searching for reliability and the ability to problem-solve that experience can offer.

Be very clear about all the skills you’ve accumulated throughout your life and pay particular attention to the transferable ones as those are the skills that will enable you to move across sectors and industries, giving you completely new challenges whilst still utilising the knowledge and experience you’ve gained.

Consider where you’ve been creative; resourceful, demonstrated communication skills: writing, presenting, editing; intellectual skills: gathering information, checking accuracy, setting goals; problem-solving; team-building; training; organisational skills; time-management skills; networking.

Review and update your CV, emphasising the skills most relevant to the jobs that you are interested in and backing those skills up with your achievements.

Steps for moving forward

  1. Seek advice from employment agencies or colleagues.
  2. Contact previous employers to enquire about work
  3. Search LinkedIn to get in touch with old colleagues
  4. Consider retraining (Visit for where to find relevant training courses or visit our Career Academy)
  5. Use the Career Academy to brush up on invaluable skills.
  6. Join business networking groups to open up new employment opportunities e.g:,,