‘Steps to Take Control of Your Career Progression’

with Helen Cowan, Founder of The Tall Wall
27 January 2023 12:00 - 12:30
Are you actively managing your career? If not, who is?

Take control of your career progression in 2023 with 5 steps.

Join @dominiemoss and Helen Cowan for our first #OnPoint career coaching discussion for the year – at 12pm on 27 January 2023, Live on Instagram.

We’ll be talking about
• How to get clear on your what you want from your career
• Defining what you are really good at
• Who needs to know your career ambitions that might not know currently?
• What you need to work on to help you progress, and
• Why you need to keep strengthening your network and how to do this

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Focus on what you CAN do

Draw confidence from all that you've already achieved

Who needs to know your ambitions?

Network, network and network some more!