1. Dress an act how you would in a face-to-face interview

A common mistake for phone and video interviews is to approach the situation more casually because it’s not in person, says Katherine Burik,
founder of The Interview Doctor. In fact “you need to be your professional best in every way”, says Victoria McLean, CV writer and interview coach. To do this, dress in business attire and speak clearly, she adds: “Ensure your body language and delivery are professional.”

Likewise, do not skimp on preparation, says Burik. “Be prepared and confident – behave like a person that would be a good fit for the position.”

2. Have a backup plan in case you have signal problems

There are a variety of sounds that can disrupt a phone or Skype interview, such as background noise, TV, children or a poor signal. “Try to find somewhere quiet and use a land line whenever possible. If your call is interrupted, then acknowledge this and ask the interviewer if you can repeat
your answer or reschedule the call,” advises McLean. If you know your area has a poor signal, go somewhere else for your interview. “Ask a friend, or look to see if any local hotels, libraries or schools have a video conferencing facility they might let you use,” says Lydia Fairman, HR and resourcing specialist.