Thematic Research Analyst – Sustainable Investing, Global Asset Manager

Full time, hybrid, London

Sitting in the Sustainable Investing Research and Stewardship team, who work closely with portfolio managers and fundamental analysts across asset classes.

The role

  • Conduct research on social and environmental themes across different industries
  • Support and lead environmental and social engagements with companies
  • Help scale thematic engagement activities and manage relationships with industry initiatives
  • Create materials to showcase engagement outcomes


  • Min of 7 years’ experience in sustainable investment with a background in driving corporate engagements linked to sustainability and climate risk in particular.
  • Strong knowledge of, and interest in, analysing ESG issues, broad understanding of investment markets
  • Strong communication skills to engage with senior management, manage engagement progress and to communicate engagement and investment insights on ESG issues to PMs/analysts to be incorporated in investment decision making.  Presence, maturity and credibility to deal with sensitive matters when dealing with senior people at public companies.

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