Real Estate Finance

Investment Bank, London

This is a newly created position for someone with experience in commercial real estate analysis and valuation. It will require the management of client relationships, supporting the origination of new business opportunities, managing transaction process including due diligence and credit approval procedures as well as assisting in distribution activities.

There will be a high level of visibility with external clients and internal Senior Management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing initial underwriting for each prospective deal based on loan submission packages and available market data
  • Prepare credit applications/memos for desk and Credit Committee reviews:
  • Support the Head of the RE&H UK desk in all aspects of origination, deal pre-closing and closing activities; performing active loan transactions management by liaising with third-party due diligence providers so as to ensure that all questions/issues are properly addressed;
  • Keeping day-today contact with client accounts

Open to candidates at Director, ED and MD level

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