Head of Credit Risk

Investment Bank, London


  • Management of credit risk for all London Branch activities and UK, Ireland and Nordic counterparties as well as in the Gulf countries on a global basis.
  • Ensure front office teams comply with credit policies and procedures.
  • Manage independent recommendations on all files submitted for decision (new deals, one-off requests, and limit requests for new and reviewed counterparties).
  • Supervise the submission, on time, to the appropriated decision level (business, workflow, specialized committees and group committee) all demands or renewals.
  • Coordinate routine and/or exceptional credit exposure reports for local and central management.
  • Survey all counterparties from a credit risk perspective, including placing counterparties on watch list where applicable.
  • Oversee production and maintenance of data into the credit risk information systems.
  • Manage the transaction ‘interface’ between London front office teams and DRC Paris
  • Manage the watch list for London Branch activities.

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